Adventure begins where civilization ends

Adventure begins where civilization ends
Adventure begins where civilization ends

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A tern in events

Today I celebrated the 240th anniversary of my country's independence as well as finding my 500th bird! It was a great day all around, a day of fun, food, family and of course fireworks.

Last weekend we went backpacking in the Ruby mountains in Nevada looking for the Himalayan snowcock. We found it and had an amazing trip. Then this weekend we celebrated my mom's birthday and after that we headed to my grandparents for the fourth.

We all ate lots of good food and became deaf from all the loud fireworks, I got to play in the water with my little cousin and paddle around with my mom in her new canoe, We watched as tens of pontoon boats floated past all decorated to the hilt in red, white and blue. It was a good day.

After all this normalcy my dad and I went out to Crex meadow to get my 500th bird, a black tern.

I also got my 501st bird a Virginia rail and my 502nd bird a red-eyed verio. I also saw an adorable family of grebes.

Also a juvenile bald eagle who was sitting on the side of the road.

I had a great weekend seeing family and birds alike. I am glad I have gotten to see over 500 birds this year, and I am curious to see how many I get by the end of 2016. I wish everyone luck on their own birding lists and hope you all had a great fourth of July!