Adventure begins where civilization ends

Adventure begins where civilization ends
Adventure begins where civilization ends

Monday, December 21, 2015

My Apologies

December 21, 2015

Hello readers! I have been know by many names. The foremost being Lauren, Lena, and Micky (having the last name McDonald can be difficult at times)

I must warn you that I never intended to write a blog.. it was something that my father, Olaf Danielson, (who sometimes can do a perfect imitation of a dictator) said I had to do. During the next year I will be traveling around the U.S and Canada with him in order to find as many different bird species as possible, or at least that is HIS goal. While I do want to see birds, I also want to see whales, dolphins, mustangs, and various other animals.  Maybe I can even see a polar bear before they go extinct. Here is a common loon I photographed in Canada on a family fishing trip in a boat with my dad.

Who knows what can happen in a year. My dad may never want to go birding with me again, and I will probably run screaming at even the mention of a code 5 bird (A really rare bird, I'll explain more later) This is my big year.but it is also my big year under protest. I will make the best of it, but my dad's survival is not guaranteed!

My one of my goals for this year is to beat the junior big year record, which means I need to see around 500  bird species in the next year. It wont be easy, and I will probably be sick of birds towards the end, but I am going to try. In one weeks time I will be leaving for Florida in order to start my Big Year with the best chance of success. So think of me while you are all having your new year's parties, because I will be in a run down motel somewhere in south Florida eating cold Chinese food and psyching myself up for the next year.  While you are attempting to carry out your New Year's resolutions, later on New Year's Day I will be catching a flight to Texas.

-remember to smile


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